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it must be done .

Posted on July 15, 2013 with 65 comments
I was a brother I was a brother in law I was an uncle to 2 very very wonderful kids and all that changed as an inebriated gentleman was found not guilty for vehicular homicide and was released due to time served to make matters even worse we all had to walk out the front door to exit the building together no mercy was asked and no mercy was given now here comes the clergy nonsensical mystic rhetoric about everything is going to be ok and it 's not so they tell you god is good all the time well he's not the Ten Commandments say that murder is definitely something we shou not do . I refused to let the church make a victim of me .We need to select people who will uphold these laws to see to it that our children receive justice , rhetoric of its own is just rhetoric that is what the church is known for, it didn't help us than and it won't help us now . We the People must unite fightback to defend are children and stop sitting around waiting to be the next victim.

Tip for the day

Posted on April 27, 2013 with 625 comments
Here is your tip of the day .did three gigs yesterday and all were different in terms of musical style. Yes you need good gear and yes need a good attitude and yes you need to be well practice , however the part that gets left out is how much listening you do and not just to the stuff you like , a working pro must have a working knowledge of many styles of music and be able to play on demand whatever the situation calls for with authority . The best compliment you will ever receive is when someone says to you wow I didn't know you could play you fill in the blank. So practice listening it pays . MTD4LYFE

Christ and Commerce

Posted on December 18, 2012 with 47 comments
Well as we the so called Christians prepare to celebrate another fictitious holiday that revolves solely around Commerce let us not be dismay when our children pose the question , so what else have you lied about ? Christ and commerce have nothing to do with one another .

I still love this tune for a very personal reason , i stop playing for while and my life when to hell so fast my head was spining  , but i would play this tune every day because i had  no plans for tomorrow or the next  day, in my mind it was death and
 in his mind it was life , so know that God will meet you where you are , God is better than good more poweful than great and gentle enoungh to care. i pray we will let him care as only he can . amen now lets just enjoy the music .
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The Emotions - No Plans For Tomorrow
From the 1976 "Flowers" album

The First to the finish line

Posted on June 16, 2012 with 657 comments



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Published on 06-15-2012 03:30 PM Number of Views: 33

When we advertise TMBG has "the most comprehensive, effective, and entertaining program of self-paced bass instruction on the planet," we're not blowin' smoke. TMBG has been out for two years now, and the first (that we know of) to finish all 20 lessons is Rev. Russell Shores. (We know a number of others are hot on his heels!) Granted, the Reverend has been playing professionally for a while, but he credits Roy and TMBG with helping him solidify his skills and his understanding of music. So, how's he doing? Hear for yourself! opinion? Well done Rev! You're an encouragement to us all!David

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