it must be done . 

I was a brother I was a brother in law I was an uncle to 2 very very wonderful kids and all that changed as an inebriated gentleman was found not guilty for vehicular homicide and was released due to time served to make matters even worse we all had to walk out the front door to exit the building together no mercy was asked and no mercy was given now here comes the clergy nonsensical mystic rhetoric about everything is going to be ok and it 's not so they tell you god is good all the time well…

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Tip for the day 

Here is your tip of the day .did three gigs yesterday and all were different in terms of musical style. Yes you need good gear and yes need a good attitude and yes you need to be well practice , however the part that gets left out is how much listening you do and not just to the stuff you like , a working pro must have a working knowledge of many styles of music and be able to play on demand whatever the situation calls for with authority . The best compliment you will ever receive is when someone says to…

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Christ and Commerce 

Well as we the so called Christians prepare to celebrate another fictitious holiday that revolves solely around Commerce let us not be dismay when our children pose the question , so what else have you lied about ? Christ and commerce have nothing to do with one another .

life can be hard but God can be gentle 

I still love this tune for a very personal reason , i stop playing for while and my life when to hell so fast my head was spining  , but i would play this tune every day because i had  no plans for tomorrow or the next  day, in my mind it was death and  in his mind it was life , so know that God will meet you where you are , God is better than good more poweful than great and gentle enoungh to care. i pray we will let him care as only he can . amen now lets just enjoy the music . See More The… Read more

The First to the finish line 

  • THE FIRST TO THE FINISH LINE! by david Published on 06-15-2012 03:30 PM Number of Views: 33 2 Comments When we advertise TMBG has "the most comprehensive, effective, and entertaining program of self-paced bass instruction on the planet," we're not blowin' smoke. TMBG has been out for two years now, and the first (that we know of) to finish all 20 lessons is Rev. Russell Shores. (We know a…
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    not just the same " old stuff " 

    Ok here is something to play around with , had a student ask me this tonight , how can i play something cool over minor chords and not the same old stuff. well i bet you can get more out of your " old stuff " Dorian #4 works 1 2 b3 #4 5 6 b7 remember scales in and of themselfs are not music they are just a reference point , to paint the masterpiece you can color both inside and outside the lines , so go color and be free , enjoy

    new coproducer 

    More great new ,for me anyway ,two time grammy award winner Joel Guzman will coproduce coproduce Thunder Rain .you can hear Joel on keyboards on 2120 Jade Ave amd Teen Town at . very happy about this .

    interview of Russell K Shores by Smooth Jazz . Com 

    Russell K Shores Independent How did this new album and overall concept for it come about and what are your ultimate goals with it ? This cd is a love letter to my wife, as a musician this is the best gift I could offer her. What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of recording a new album? As a bass player your main job is that of a side man so it can be tuff to find time to get your own project off the ground but well worth it and I would have it no other way. How would you describe…

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    New CD Thunder Rain 

    this week we start on the new cd thunder rain . I am very happy about this and hope you will all enjoy the music. be well and be blessed , more soon


    To all my myopia religious friends and you know who you are , it's time to pump your brakes Christ and commerce have nothing to do with each other ! You have been faked out agin .